Working MMS 2017 Download Script

**EDIT** It looks like Evan Yeung beat me to the punch on this one, not sure how I missed it! Take a look at his script as well 

The Midwest Management Summit is an event I look forward to attending every year, as it is by far the best ConfigMgr/Windows Management conference around. No marketing bullshit, just real techs talking frankly about the technology and what challenges they are solving with it.

Every year when I get back home I immediately download all the slide decks and pour over the sessions I made it to, and more importantly, the sessions I couldn’t attend. Unfortunately this year Andrew Johnson’s excellent download script ( was not functioning. The problem stems from the fact that the downloads are locked behind a login whereas in years past it was a free-for-all. I waited a bit to see if anyone could figure out a way around it, and since no one seems to have published anything yet I figured I’d give it a shot.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult thanks to liberal use of Get-Help on the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet. The script is listed below and available at my GitHub. All you should need to do is modify the username/password variables. This was pretty quick and dirty, and there is almost certainly a better/more efficient way to do this, but it works. Hopefully this helps out other MMS attendees! Big thanks to Andew and Duncan for the original script, as mine would be worthless without their hard work.


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